Afghanistan Curling Team Arrived to the Italy.

Afghanistan Curling Team Arrived to the Italy

Afghanistan Curling Team by support of Mr. Hubert Trenker participated to the 8th International Open Air, International Südtirol Curling Cup.

From Afghanistan, Mr. Monarhash Shazad, Asadollah Batory, Aziz Allah Noori, Mohammad Akram Zaki and Masoud Noori Participated on that international Tournament.

It was the first experience of Afghanistan Curling athletes that they participated at the International Open Air Tournament.

International Südtirol Curling Cup from the 14th to 17th February each year with the participation of European teams in the city of Vila Basa- Italy held. This year, by the supporters of Mr. Hubert Trenker   Afghanistan Curling Team participated too.

Mr. Monawarshah Shazad Founder and president of Afghanistan Curling Federation at the first was do really thanks from the invite and Support of Mr. Huber Trenker, and said Afghanistan sports society will never forget the Mr. Trenker cooperation and his kindly behavior.

Mr. Shazad Also added that we hope this is a good Start for Relationship between Afghanistan and Italy Curling Team for Medium and long Terms Programs.

Mr. Hubert Trenker at the first with so kindly, for Afghanistan Curling team said welcome to Italy

Mr. Huber Trenker Add, this is the place of pleasure that we have Afghanistan curling team in this tournament too.

The leadership of Afghanistan curling federation at the end of session did appreciate from Mr. Hubert Trenker with the Afghanistan National Symbol and some gift.

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