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Afghanistan Curling Federation's team is highly active, tring thier most to get the most out of time.


What makes our team incredible? Passion. All members are doing what they love doing in the federation.


We create things. By new things, we mean, creating a new passion, new job, new sport and new poeple.


Nothing gets in the way of a team who is supporting his/her fellow team members. Here we are doing that: SUPPORTING.

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How curling is done, our team know better. We are a group of well trained and experienced cruling team, who can help you making your dreams a reality for you.

Curling is a team sport, played on ice, where two teams take it in turns to slide stones made of granite towards a target – known as a House. It is an Olympic and Paralympic winter sport with medal disciplines for Women’s, Men’s, Mixed Doubles and mixed Wheelchair teams.

The World Curling Federation is the world governing body of the Olympic winter sport of curling and the Paralympic winter sport of wheelchair curling. Originally founded in 1966 as the International Curling Federation, it changed its name to the World Curling Federation in 1990. Today, the World Curling Federation is managed by a Board, consisting of a President, three Vice-Presidents, representing the organisation’s three regional zones, and four Directors. They are elected by World Curling’s Member Associations and are supported by staff based at the Headquarters in Perth, Scotland and around the world..

The history of the ‘Roarin Game’ is believed to have originated in the 16th century as a pastime where stones were thrown across frozen lakes and ponds. From humble beginnings on frozen Scottish lochs to its elite Olympic and Paralympic status today, the World Curling Federation has become integral to the evolution of the sport.

To make the world a better place by growing our sport and expanding our culture and values around the globe.

To lead the worldwide curling community through the promotion and development of our sport, our culture and our values.