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Report of Afghanistan Curling Team in Russia

Russian Curling Federation has invited 8 members of Afghanistan Curling Federation Team on December 1, 2017 to December 7, 2017 for Professional Curling Training at Moscow, Russia.

Afghanistan Curling Federation Team will be able to learn theatrically and practically the curling rules and regulations.

The trained athletes will train the Afghanistan curling members.

All Activities of this journey are listed in next tabs.

On December 1, 2017 Afghanistan Curling Federation Team left Kabul-Afghanistan for Moscow Russia.

On December 2, 2017 Afghanistan Curling Federation Team was welcomed at 07:00 am by Miss. Olga Jarkova the Secretary General of Russian Curling Federation at Moscow Airport and has been accompanied to Hotel and had conducted meeting for training place, time and trainer.

Practical training were for 3 days.

DAY1: At 05:00 pm, on December 2, 2017 Afghanistan Curling Federation Team had meeting with ex-President of Russian Curling Federation and Founder of Curling in Russia Olga Andrevna. Olga Andrevna detailed about the history of Russian Curling and the difficulties that they have face at the beginning as well as motivated Afghanistan Curling Team. At the meeting Olga andrevna promised to quarantine afghan curlers for one month for professionalization curling training in Moscow, Russia.

DAY2 and DAY3: The Second and theird days of Practical Training for Afghanistan Curling Team was held in another Curling Club of Moscow with New and Professional Couch.

A bilateral meeting was launched between Afghanistan Curling Federation and Russian Curling Federation and important issues were discussed and Russian curling Federation agreed on supporting and professionalization of Afghanistan Curling Federation.

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Afghanistan Curling Federation Team in Kabul International Airport
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Practical Training for Afghanistan Curling Federation Team
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